Gaelen is so creative in his coaching methods. He will ask questions until something is uncovered. It's kind of magical, actually, how he does it. He is an excellent listener and knows how to examine your situation and customize a plan of action to meet your own individual needs. If you are looking for a coach who can be a barrier-breaker and obstacle-tackler, Gaelen is the best coach for the job.


I started coaching with Gaelen when I relocated back to Seattle after living abroad. He not only helped me settle into a new position in a different career, but his expertise, insights, great questions and gentle dialogue helped me determine the priorities in my life. As a result, I am able to focus on what really matters to me in my personal and professional life.


Gaelen demonstrated much sincerity, kindness, commitment and the utmost professionalism in working with me. I am very grateful for the experience and would encourage anyone with a genuine desire to challenge and grow themselves to work with Gaelen.


I am so grateful for Gaelen’s coaching!  Having a trusted ally by my side, providing a framework, and then carefully prompting me to express my experience thoroughly, the focus always on my feelings and reactions, was a gift. I was never judged, only supported and affirmed.


Working with Gaelen helped me to dig deep within and, in turn, learn so much about myself. He also has helped me to become more independent and grounded. I have had a great experience working with Gaelen and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a coach.


Gaelen is a passionate human being who is truly committed to your growth.  He has always displayed an honest and authentic way of listening and communicating with people.


Gaelen gave me an insight which has changed my thinking in a foundational way. I could feel an inner shift in my thinking and this has served me well both in regard to my own life and in how I interact with others.


Gaelen brings a unique quality of laser-like focus and good humor in his interactions with me, encouraging me to reframe the big questions and concerns in my life in a way that allows me to break free of the fruitless circles in which I sometimes find myself. Gaelen knows how to end "analysis paralysis", without fail!


To those who are considering a work-relationship with Gaelen, expect much more. He gives himself whole-heartedly to the people whom he manifests in his life. To see him in action is a wonder, and to work with him is a joy.


Gaelen is an extraordinary individual, making a big difference in the world. He is ever-fresh in his interest in people, the world, and what he feels he can contribute to it all to make a difference. He is direct, truthful, sincere, and wise beyond his years. I would recommend him spot-on fast. May you delight in your discovery of this fine jewel...


Gaelen is honest, insightful, and compassionate; and he motivated me to finally make progress where I was once stuck. I highly recommend Gaelen as a coach and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I am so glad to have him on my team and you will be, too!


I have found a deep authenticity in Gaelen’s attitude, tone, and thought.  I don’t just ‘know’ that I enter a space of non-judgment with Gaelen, but feel it; and that, in turn, allows me to probe far more deeply in the sessions. He has been a refuge of constancy in an unpredictable and varied year.


Gaelen is an extraordinary coach, well educated in the field. He understands what the process for real change is all about and more important, what it takes to support you through your transformation; real transformation. If you are looking for real, healthy and timely personal transition, Gaelen is the my best recommendation.


When you work with Gaelen you will grow. As you travel through the growth, it will be challenging and may look different than expected. The reward will be a better connection to self, more courage to live present and a more authentic life-experience will emerge.


I would highly recommend working with Gaelen, as a resource, if you want a change in your life or you just don't know what to do with yourself, feel in a funk, or restless. Working with Gaelen has given me insight and perspective on many levels.


Gaelen is a deep and compassionate human being with ready ears to listen and a great deal of wisdom to share. He pointed out unconscious traits that I'd carried with me for decades and gave me some specific ideas as to how to move them out of the way of my personal and professional progress.

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